Welcome to Garden Party, where Trace Barnett invites you into his home kitchen and family farm.

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Perfect Sunny Season Recipes

Try Trace’s savory, sweet spring and summer recipes made with ingredients you can find in your backyard!

Chicken Dumpling Pot Pie

Pot pie and chicken and dumplings are staple comfort foods, but what if they were combined? Try this one-dish wonder made from scratch.

Spring Green “Goose Feed” Salad with Bacon Jam

Trace transforms an old family recipe with bacon jam.

A Guide to Enjoying Tomato Season

Make the most of tomato season! Elevate your next tomato sandwich with this quick yet sophisticated tomato sandwich recipe.

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Are your summer squash plants blooming like crazy right about now? Make the most of the whole crop with this savory summer appetizer recipe!

Make Watermelon Cobbler with Trace Barnett!

Watermelon, when combined with all the traditional flavors of a cobbler, essentially is summer in a bite.

Gardening Tips

We’re sharing the dirt on gardening, ya’ll.

Edible Container Gardens | Gardening 101

Limited space? Container gardening is for you. Learn how to start a vegetable garden and what to plant.

Propagating Houseplants and Dividing Perennials | Gardening 101

Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate your garden by propagating houseplants and dividing summer and fall blooming perennials.

How I Fertilize My Old Soil Beds | Gardening 101

Enrich your poor garden for vibrant season-long planting and learn why it's important to nourish your soil.

How to Start Seeds Indoors | Gardening 101

Trace Barnett is gettin' dirty! Tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplants and herbs galore. Trace shares all the tips and tricks for a bountiful harvest.

The Birds and the Bees with Trace Barnett

Trace walks you through how to attract honeybees and hummingbirds to your backyard to support their populations while enhancing your garden’s vibrancy.

Hearty Recipes

Warm and hearty recipes to keep you full all winter.

Chicken Dumpling Pot Pie

Pot pie and chicken and dumplings are staple comfort foods, but what if they were combined? Try this one-dish wonder made from scratch.

Sweet Potato Chili

The perfect chili for a chilly day! Enjoy the fusion of sweet and savory in this recipe.

Fried Chicken Dressing

It's a classic for a reason, but it's nothing without some good ol', golden-brown cornbread.

Granmommie’s Lane Cake Cupcakes

These bite-sized Lane Cake cupcakes are packed full of everything you love about the original Southern classic.

Apple Butter, Autumn’s Sweet Bounty

Step into Mawmaw's kitchen and learn one of Trace's first lessons: how to can and preserve fruits and vegetables.

Roasted Root Vegetables with Honey and Goat Cheese

Trace doesn’t skimp on the goat cheese or the parsnips for this quick, healthy (and colorful) recipe.

Sweet Tea Turkey with Molasses Glaze

Will you be naming your holiday turkey this year? Watch Trace relive his childhood with this sweet twist on a classic.

Festive DIY

Trace is known for his artistic proclivities, and that extends to his garden as well. If you’re a fan of digging in the dirt and turning one man’s junk into treasure, come on in!

Fresh Greenery Wreaths (and Garland)

Add a touch of the outdoors to your decor! Not only is it sustainable, it's budget-friendly to boot.

Festive Fall Containers

Invite color and texture into your garden with this beautiful, repurposed fall container idea.

Turnip Jack-O-Lantern

We're dipping a toe back in history for this autumnal craft.

Choosing the Perfect Pumpkin

Does the perfect pumpkin exist? Learn how to pick the perfect gourd and make it last for months to come!

Cozy Fall Recipes

Bring on the cozy this fall with some delicious twists on classic dishes!

Chicken Dumpling Pot Pie

Pot pie and chicken and dumplings are staple comfort foods, but what if they were combined? Try this one-dish wonder made from scratch.

Autumn Squash Soup

Enjoy this warm and comforting Autumn Squash Soup recipe, perfect for cozy fall evenings!

Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good with Trace Barnett

Dash off to the pumpkin patch and get ready for a savory, autumnal adventure.

Cheddar Apple Crisp with Trace Barnett!

Sharp cheddar and crisp apples? This is the BEST dessert or side dish you’ll make all fall, ya’ll!

Meet the Cook

Alabama homesteader, author, cook and entertainer Trace Barnett serves swanky living with southern flavor.

A popular guest on several television shows, Trace Barnett makes regular appearances on news channels in Birmingham, Nashville, Atlanta, and Tupelo. Barnett was a finalist on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network. He was also a finalist on Food Network’s series Comeback Kitchen.

Trace is the author of “Tracing Roots,” his debut cookbook focused on taking a modern approach to living off the land. Trace’s entertaining tips, gardening ideas, recipes, and DIY projects have also been featured in several national and regional magazines and websites.

When Trace is not sharing entertaining tips or teaching people to garden, he enjoys painting and creating art from repurposed materials. He believes in utilizing industrial materials to create beautiful artwork that blurs the lines between organic and inorganic so that they seamlessly flow together. He feels that it is equally important to highlight the integrity of the existing space while salvaging original components and rethinking them in a new and innovative manner. He is best known for his artwork featuring found items arranged on a canvas and covered in white paint, cheekily called “White Trash.”

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