Alabama Twisters and Tornados
Alabama Public Television
Public Safety

Be Prepared

Tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters are a fact of life. Preparing for possible crises ahead of time is the best way to guarantee the safety of our families and communities. Alabama Public Television has assembled these resources to help you prepare for emergencies and find important emergency management information.

APT & Public Safety

Alabama Public Television’s 2200-mile microwave network is the backbone of Alabama’s Emergency Alert System (EAS), distributing national, state and local emergency broadcast signals to all radio and television broadcasters throughout the state. APT is also the hub for Alabama’s Amber Alert system to track missing children. Cell phone providers rely on APT’s WARN system for similar notifications.

APT’s microwave system provides extensive communication services for Homeland Security, the Alabama Department of Public Safety, State Capitol Police and 68 E911 centers throughout the state. A microwave connection to the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) bunker in Clanton provides constant communications with the ability to disseminate emergency messages, as well as live video/audio broadcasts directly from the SEOC bunker, to 99% of TV households in the state of Alabama, as well as nationally from APT’s satellite uplink center in Montgomery.