Fresh Greenery Wreaths & Garland

Add a touch of the outdoors to your decor and ta-da! You have yourself a merry little sustainable holiday wreath that’s budget-friendly to boot.

The Story

“Using fresh-cut greenery from evergreen branches sourced from your yard or the woods is a sustainable and festive way to bring the outdoors inside during the holiday season. Not only does it provide a budget-friendly alternative to store-bought decorations, but it also fills your home with the invigorating scent of the outdoors, creating a truly festive ambiance. Fresh-cut greenery, being directly from nature, tends to stay vibrant and fragrant for a longer duration compared to its store-bought counterparts, and the natural elements add a touch of authenticity to your holiday decor.”

– Trace Barnett

How to Make a Fresh-Cut Greenery Wreath and Garland Using a Wire Clothes Hanger


Wire clothes hanger

Evergreen branches (pine, cedar, fir)

Floral wire

Pruning shears

Water mister

Rosemary, Dried flowers, Citrus, etc. (Optional)


  1. Prepare Your Base: Start by untwisting the wire clothes hanger and shaping it into a circular form, creating the foundation for your wreath.
  2. Forage Evergreen Branches: Gather a variety of evergreen branches from your yard or the woods, ensuring you have a mix of textures and fragrances. Pine, cedar, and fir work well.
  3. Attach the Branches: Using pruning shears, cut the branches into manageable lengths. Secure them to the wire frame with floral wire, wrapping tightly and layering for a full, lush appearance.
  4. Create Layers: Continue adding branches, overlapping each layer to achieve a visually appealing and textured wreath. Ensure that the wire is tightly wound to keep the greenery secure.
  5. Hang and Adjust: Once your wreath is complete, hang it in your desired location. Adjust the branches as needed to achieve the desired shape.


  1. Intertwine Evergreen Branches: Gather a generous amount of evergreen branches and intertwine them to create a flexible garland. This can be done on a flat surface or by draping it over a sturdy support.
  2. Secure with Floral Wire: Use floral wire to secure the branches together, ensuring the garland maintains its shape. Add more branches as needed, adjusting for length.
  3. Mist for Freshness: Lightly mist the greenery with water to prevent drying. Alternatively, you can immerse the cut ends of the branches in water overnight before crafting.
  4. Hang and Enjoy: Hang your handmade garland in your desired location, whether it’s on a banister, mantel, or as part of your holiday decorations.
  • Keep your wreath and garland in a cool place when not in use to help preserve freshness.
  • Consider adding festive accents like pinecones or ribbon for extra flair.
  • Refresh the misting regularly to maintain the vibrancy of the greenery throughout the holiday season.

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