Alabama Public Television Mission Statement

Alabama Public Television is committed to enriching the lives of Alabama citizens:

By providing essential educational services with the highest quality direct instructional content through digital streaming. APT’s efforts are directed toward helping our state reach true school equity statewide. Every student in our state deserves an equal opportunity in education regardless of the wealth of the school district…Alabama Public Television’s Goal is to take us there…

By acting as an indispensable resource as Alabama’s storyteller, APT will present our state’s unique heritage and many contributions while traveling the road taken through history on the journey to becoming the Alabama of today.

By promoting Alabama to the world as a unique community postured for business and growth, highlighting our emphasis placed on providing an educated work force and a strong work ethic,

By working closely with Homeland Security and state agencies to provide a statewide network to disseminate information effectively in times of disaster,

By bringing the very best in the world of music, theater, dance and the arts to enrich and inspire the lives of the people of our state and

By offering programming that educates the citizenry, giving them the means and the desire to reach their highest potential through the development of a strong work ethic bonded to honesty and integrity as well as the technical training so necessary in today’s global economy.

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