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Aimed at the toddler and pre-school set, Caillou is an educational show that stars the 4-year-old title character (pronounced KY-YOO), who lives with his mother, [More]


Social Learning

The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur

Arthur's family and Buster take a trip to the Read family farm where they learn about traditions and family.

PreK | Early Elementary

Social Learning

The Talk -- Race in America

Black and Hispanic families counsel their children about being safe if they are approached by police.

Middle School | High School

History & Social Studies | US History | Social Learning

The Plastic Problem: PBS NewsHour Presents

Journalist Amna Nawaz and producer Lorna Baldwin uncover the damage plastic has already caused in the U.S. and abroad; and innovations and solutions that may [More]

Middle School | High School

Science | Engineering & Technology | Social Learning

Butterfly Town, USA

Activists and city staff in Pacific Grove clash over how to protect monarch butterflies.

Middle School | High School

Science | Social Learning

Esme & Roy

This animated series from the makers of Sesame Street follows youngsters Esme and her best monster friend, Roy, on adventures in Monsterdale, where they are [More]

PreK | Early Elementary

Social Learning