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Aimed at the toddler and pre-school set, Caillou is an educational show that stars the 4-year-old title character (pronounced KY-YOO), who lives with his mother, [More]


Social Learning

Wild Kratts: Amazin' Amazon Adventure

The Kratts brothers take their friend Aviva down the Amazon River to help her get inspired for her next invention.

PreK | Early Elementary


Odd Squad: World Turned Odd

Oona, Olympia and Otis accidentally change the past, which alters every odd case that Odd Squad ever solved.

PreK | Early Elementary


WordGirl: The Rise of Miss Power

Miss Power, the new supervillain in town, strips WordGirl of her superhero star.

PreK | Early Elementary

English Language Arts

The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur

Arthur's family and Buster take a trip to the Read family farm where they learn about traditions and family.

PreK | Early Elementary

Social Learning

Great Performances

The performing arts anthology series brings best from the worlds of music and dance into viewers' living rooms. From classical music and opera to ballet [More]

Middle School | High School

English Language Arts | The Arts