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Family Pictures USA

FAMILY PICTURES USA explores our shared history through the treasured photographs that tell our stories. Host Thomas Allen Harris journeys through American cities, towns and rural communities through the lens of the family photo album, unearthing rich personal stories that expand our understanding of history, diversity and common values. Enjoy this fascinating story on Alabamam Public Television on Monday, August 12 and Tuesday, August 13.


Monday, August 12 
Family Pictures USA, Part 1 (North Carolina)   8:00PM
Discover how this historically rural state built on tobacco and textiles is rapidly changing. Entrepreneurs find a warm welcome in Durham, Native Americans come home to ancestral lands, and families separated by race and class work toward healing.

Tuesday, August 13
Family Pictures USA, Part 2 (Detroit)    7:00PM
Explore America's comeback city through photos and personal stories shared by residents. From the influence of the auto industry to labor unions to the Motown sound, Detroit's multilayered story is revealed via family narratives and memories.

Tuesday, August 13
Family Pictures USA, Part 3 (Southwest Florida)    8:00PM
Visit the Paradise Coast, where Native Americans, ranchers and fishermen share family stories. Explore cattle country in rural Florida and meet a family of migrant workers who now own the company that harvests the produce.