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2 DVD Set: Life From Above

2 DVD Set: Life From Above

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A coproduction between the BBC and PBS, Life From Above is an ambitious new 4 part documentary series that provides fascinating and fresh insights into our planet by expanding the range of perspectives from which to look at it. In addition to stunning satellite photography from space, drones were employed to generate footage, while helicopters and cameras on the ground provide more conventional vantage points. Using innovative techniques to illustrate the complex interconnectivity of our planet, Life From Above is going for the big picture.
What is revealed from above is a cadence - the rhythm by which the earth moves, colors and visual patterns - and the planetís constant evolution. These qualities, which reach across topographical divides as well as human-made borders, cultures and politics, are only apparent when the planet is considered as a whole.
The series is not only a meditation on aerial textures, though. Footage shot from the ground will showcase more individual, microcosmic narratives. The goal - and the challenge - is to weave in and out of these details and do justice to Earthís amazing intricacies.

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