Forged by Fire.
Guided by Faith.

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth was raised in the crucible of segretated Birmingham, but he was forged by its attempt to kill him. In December, a new documentary explores the life and legacy of an unrelenting freedom fighter who inspired liberation movements all over the world.


Anti-integration Protest

Anti-integration students protest outside Phillips High School.

After Bomb

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth’s home after it was destroyed by a bomb on Christmas night, 1956.

After KKK Beating

Rev. Shuttlesworth on a hospital gurney after his beating by the KKK when he tried to enroll his children at the all-white Phillips High School.

On Camera

Rev. Shuttlesworth speaks to a newsman during the Freedom Rides in 1961.


Revs. Ralph Abernathy, Martin Luther King Jr, and Fred Shuttlesworth in Selma, AL.

In Line

Rev. Shuttlesworth leads a march prior to his arrest during 1963 demonstrations in downtown Birmingham.

Pulled Over

Fred Shuttlesworth speaking to a police officer and other men during an attempt to integrate buses in Birmingham, Alabama.


Revs. King, Shuttlesworth, and Abernathy speak to reporters in the courtyard of the AG Gaston Motel in Birmingham.

Anti-integration Protest After Bomb After KKK Beating On Camera Walking In Line Pulled Over Interview


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