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Pac-Rim Smoke

Though grills are traditionally small, Pan-Asian pit masters (and mistresses) developed an edgy, innovative big flavor grill culture that celebrates the 'fifth taste,' umami . Striped bass is stuffed with lemongrass, chiles, scallions, and ginger and grilled then, wait for it the fish is topped with more aromatics and doused with sizzling hot sesame oil. Thai beef salad is a mosaic of color and textures with an emphasis on veggies. Corn comes basted with sesame soy butter and finished with fire-toasted coconut. Last up, pounded chicken thighs enclose Chinese ham, sausage, shiitake mushrooms, and cheese, and then get basted with Beijing barbecue sauce. Whole grilled striped bass with Asian aromatics; Grilled Thai beef salad; Coconut-grilled corn with sesame soy butter; Char Siu chicken thighs with Beijing barbecue sauce.

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