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Fish, Spice & Everything Nice

Fresh, flaky and fabulous fish from the famous Finger Lakes region is the catch of the day on today's show. Resembling fingers in pattern, the famous Finger Lakes region is widely known for their stunning and scenic sights, award-winning wineries, and hosting a fabulous feast of fresh water fish. What better way to represent this rich region than by Julie sharing one of her special Lebanese fish dishes inspired by the Finger Lakes simply called samak harrah. Translating to 'spicy fish' samak harrah is one of the most famous fish dishes to hail from Lebanon, straight from Tripoli, a Mediterranean Sea port city situated in the northern part of Lebanon, and with just one bite Julie knows that you will love it too. Julie serves up her samak harrah using whole branzino, a Mediterranean Sea bass, that is blissfully baked away then finished off with a spicy sesame seed, pine nut and cayenne pepper sauce called taratour. She then perfectly pairs her rez b macaroune, a long grain rice and orzo pasta pilaf with her sauteed arugula and onion leeks called sleek b zeit. Her fiery and festive fish dish makes for a wonderful weeknight meal that is truly heart-healthy. Julie's fresh fish, spice and everything nice will reel you in hook, line and sinker.

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