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Pati's family is the perfect example of cultures colliding - Mexican and American. The happy result is the creation of unique and tasty recipes in the kitchen on a daily basis. In this episode, Pati dives deep into the blending of these cultures and comes up with some classic American recipes with a delicious Mexican twist. Of course, the meeting of Mexican and American cultures is happening in small towns and big cities all over America, too! Pati will also take us to a local restaurant where she'll get the story, and taste the results of, their unique Mex-American story. Recipe 1: Mexican Crab Cakes with Jalapeno Aioli; Recipe 2: Foolproof Pizza Dough; Recipe 3: Pizza Sauce; Recipe 4: Poblano, Corn and Zucchini Pizza; Recipe 5: Carne Asada and Cebollitas Pizza; Recipe 6: Chorizo Hamburgers.

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