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Islands without Cars with Kira Hesser


Italy's Venetian Lagoon (Venice and Burano)

The Venetian Lagoon in northeastern Italy is dotted with dozens of inhabited islands. We're exploring two of them for their international importance and influence. First, is the incomparable and mythologized city of Venice --- which is probably the most famous car-free island in the world. - where we get an idea of the 50,000 tourists a day that are drawn to this uniquely beautiful artistic achievement comprised of 118 small islands separated by 114 canals and joined again by 400 bridges. Long considered the most beautiful and romantic city in the world, Venice is also Europe's largest urban car-free area and is recognized by UNESCO. Then we explore the tiny island Burano has been a colorfully curated home to generations of lace makers, artists and fishermen. We discover exactly why their lacemaking is unique their meals unforgettable.

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