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Nishi-Izu, Hidden Gem

Nishi-izu, with stellar views of Mt. Fuji, is located on the western coast of the Izu Peninsula. Geopark sites with strata formed by an undersea volcano are reachable on foot or by boat. The neighboring town of Matsuzaki is known for its beautiful townscape featuring buildings with distinctive Namako plaster walls. Kote-e artworks created with plaster by Matsuzaki craftsman-turned-artist, Chohachi Irie, are also a must-see in this town. Matsuzaki is the largest production region of salt-pickled sakura leaves. We visit people in the industry and hear about the appeal of the leaves. On Journeys in Japan, traveler Leina Bambino explores the culture nurtured in a small port town and the beauty of Nishi-izu.

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