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Retire Safe & Secure with Ed Slott



America needs Ed Slott now more than ever! Greedy Wall Street bankers and Congress have just upended 30+ years of the tax code - what does it all mean for you and your family!? And more importantly, how can you protect your hard-earned savings?! Retire Safe & Secure with Ed Slott is a dynamic, all NEW program shot on location in a theater in front of an enthusiastic audience of 700. As he's done in all of his hit pledge specials, Ed combines a vast in-depth knowledge of retirement tax rules with his legendary humor, ' you know that Uncle Sam isn't your real uncle, don't you?' Ed Slott makes talking about taxes FUN! And he's put together a gift package that has everything you'll need to '...get YOUR plan, not the government plan! ' As Ed always says, 'It's not how much you make, it's how much you keep!'

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