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Archaeology Adventures: Early Alabama History

Original Webcast Date:

November 30, 2017, 11 AM - 12:05 PM ET / 10 AM - 11:05 AM CT

Upper Elementary | Middle School

Engineering & Technology | Science


Three young kids venture outside their 2-D animated world to learn about early Alabama history for their upcoming school report. Aided by their hyper-intelligent robotic friend Roto and a magical portal, they visit some of Alabama’s historic sites to learn about Native American societies, early settlers, and the beginning of Alabama’s statehood. With the help of local archaeologists and historians they just might make it back home in time to get to school and turn in their report! APT produced this Learning Adventure in collaboration with the Alabama Department of Archives and History, Alabama Historical Commission, Moundville Archaeological Park, The Poarch Band of Creek Indians, and the University of South Alabama Archaeology Museum




Issue Guide

The Creek War of 1813-14: What Would You Do?" Issue Guide
David Mathews Center for Civic Life
After a brief introduction, which presents four of the major issues leading to the Creek Civil War, students have an opportunity to imagine themselves as Creek people and decide which of three approaches they would support.

Discussion Questions  (These are the questions in the Kahoot and Quizizz, if you prefer to use them without the interactives.)

  1. Which Native American civilization lived at Moundville?
  2. How was the famous Moundville Duck Bowl made?
  3. What do archaeologists call the image in the middle of the rattlesnake disc?
  4. From 1702-1711 Old Mobile was the capital of what?
  5. What was the main economy for the French Colonists?
  6. Name of the 1790 treaty signed by Creek Chief Alexander McGillivray and the USA?
  7. The 1814 Treaty of Fort Jackson ended which war?
  8. Which is an example of an intentional message left at the Old Cahawba historical site?
  9. Archaeology can be defined as studying artifacts in ____________.

For additional educational resources visit these sites:

Alabama Department of Archives and History


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