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Whale Tail

Many artists spend their lives working to understand the nature, structure, or essence of a thing. In Episode 9, Wyland's depiction of a fluking whale tail almost appears to be a separate object in and of itself. Wyland uses negative space -- the space around and between the subject -- to enhance this effect. Negative space may be most evident when the space around a subject, and not the subject itself, is used to artistic effect as the 'real' subject of an image. Often, in a two-tone, black-and-white image, a subject is normally depicted in black and the space around it is left blank (white), thereby forming a silhouette of the subject. However, artists apply a multitude of techniques to achieve their intended effect. In this painting, Wyland applies his interest in form and negative space to give the viewer a unique perspective on this iconic image of the sea.

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