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Na Pali Coast

Landscapes offer artists excellent opportunities to refine and hone their ability to create a visual sense of depth through brushstrokes, colors, and composition. Mastering this skill, however, takes extensive practice and patience. Wyland showcases this technique by painting Hawaii's famed Na Pali Coast. Depth can be established by overlapping elements to force some elements forward or backward in the science. Other techniques include using fewer details, texture and definition when painting objects in the mid-ground and background of the landscape. As elements recede in the distance, artists may paint them at a much smaller scale than objects in the foreground. Another hint is to use warmer, darker colors to bring elements forward in the foreground, with cooler colors farther into the background. Artist's tip: It should be noted that a full range of colors might be unneeded. Using three or even only two colors can make a coherent image with an exceptional sense of depth.

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