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Martha to the Rescue/Martha Camps Out

Martha to the Rescue - Martha is inspired by her favorite show, 'Courageous Collie Carlo.' Unfortunately, her attempts to become a doggie hero don't quite work out the way she plans. In the end, both Martha and Helen discover they can be courageous when it really matters. Vocabulary - (E) rescue, courageous, danger, protect(ion), hero(ic) (I) save, strong, harm, escape, trouble. Martha Camps Out - Ronald finds out that Helen and Alice plan to go camping and warns them about Big Minnie, a mythical monster who lives in the woods. Undeterred, the campers set off. After all, everybody knows Big Minnie's imaginary. Or is she? Vocabulary - (E) honorary, brave(ry), earn, merit badge, frighten(ed) (ing), helpful (I) guard, scared, afraid.

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