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Heat Vs. Flavor

This episode poses the question, 'What characteristic do we prefer in our food? Is it the varying degrees of mouth-tingling HEAT from capsaicin, or the tastebud-teasing FLAVOR from layers of earthy and aromatic spice?' Or an even better question might be, 'Why not both?' Entitled 'Heat vs. Flavor: The Benefits Of Chilies & Spice,' this lip-smacking episode introduces us to the cuisines of The Caribbean, India and China by exploring the potent culinary relationships between heat and spice in a trio of intensely appetizing recipes. Chef/host David Jackson marinates plump chicken legs in a heady Jamaican jerk spice blend of habaneros, allspice, garlic, ginger, green onions and lime before they hit a slow and smokey grill! Then its a classic Indian Dahl made of tender lentils fragrantly seasoned with feisty, healthful red chili and a medley of classic curry spices including cumin, coriander, turmeric and mustard seed. And finally, David fires up the wok for a sizzling vegetable stir fry accented with the lemony heat of Szechuan pepper!

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