Cyberchase Space Waste Odyssey, Part 1 on Alabama Public Television
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Space Waste Odyssey, Part 1

Has Hacker finally concocted his most perfect plan to shut down Motherboard once and for all, making him the ruler of Cyberspace? It looks that way, as Hacker has positioned giant patches of trash in Cyberspace to converge on Control Central! Hacker is giddy with delight, because the citizens of Cyberspace unknowingly helped his plan. They didn't dispose of their trash properly and created the huge trash patches to begin with. Back at Control Central, Digit is updating Motherboard's software for her birthday and accidentally causes her to shut down! He and the CyberSquad try to reboot her, to no avail. With Motherboard down, they must rely on their quick problem-solving skills and help from citizen scientists to get to the bottom of the trash trouble and protect Control Central. Can they save Motherboard - and all of Cyberspace - before it's too late?

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