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Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion


With unprecedented access to Cubans on both sides of the Florida Straits, CUBA: A LIFETIME OF PASSION looks at the present-day reality of the Cuban Revolution and its uncertain post-Castro future, and the conflicts that have engulfed Cuba for the past six decades. The Cuban Revolution took place before many Cubans today were even born. But what is the legacy of this historic movement? What will happen to the government and to the island nation's citizens after the Castro brothers are no longer in power? Through a series of revealing sequences shot in Cuba and the United States, as well as interviews with individuals who fall on all sides of this issue: pro-Castro Communists and oppositionists in Cuba, U.S. Department of State personnel, academics, and Cubans 'stranded in exile' in Miami, this thought-provoking documentary considers Cuba's past and future, and the legacy of a revolutionary regime that has been in power for 57 years.

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