GED Resources

APT Education has partnered with the Alabama Community College System and Kentucky Educational Television (KET) to offer options for preparing to take the GED test to earn the State of Alabama High School Equivalency Diploma.

Person working at a desk with a laptop.

Fast Forward

FastForward is an online course that covers all the subject areas, critical thinking skills, online tools, and question formats learners need to do well on the new high school equivalency tests.

If you are an independent learner who prefers to take online courses to prepare for the GED test without on-site instruction, APT Education offers KET’s FastForward test prep at a discounted rate to anyone residing in the state of Alabama.

Adult Education Centers

The Alabama Community College System has adult education centers around the state that provide a range of programs and services for adult learners, including basic literacy, assistance for non-English speakers, GED-test prep, and college and career readiness. There is no charge for these services and providers are located all over the state.

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