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Aging Backward 3: Program DVD

Aging Backward 3: Program DVD

The field of aging research has exploded with new clinical findings. Many misconceptions about aging - including the beliefs that disease, immobility and pain are inevitable - have been debunked. Today, we know that the choices we make, from what we eat to how much and how we move, play a critical role in healthy aging. In Aging Backwards 3: The Fast Track, Miranda Esmonde-White uses the latest research in aging to outline how to begin a healing, revitalizing and scientifically-endorsed program of stretching and strengthening - and how to make it stick. Esmonde-White uses 6 scientifically-formulated methods to slow down the clock; empowering everyone - young and old, athletic or sedentary - with the information and tools to look and feel younger. Discover the latest anti-aging science to help keep us strong, capable, and looking and feeling young - no matter our age.

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