Celebrate Kindness with Daniel Tiger!

Click on any image or title below to visit each Trolley Stop.

Trolley Stop #1

Decorate a Door Hanger

Decorate a door hanger for a neighbor!

Trolley Stop #2

Write a Thank You Note for Neighborhood Helpers

Say thank you to a neighbor who helps make your community great!

Trolley Stop #3

Make a Friendship Bracelet for a Friend

Make a friendship bracelet to give to a friend you care about!

Trolley Stop #4

Make a Bird Feeder

Make a bird feeder to care for the birds of your neighborhood!

Trolley Stop #5

Make a Kindness Secret Message Puzzle

Create a puzzle with a secret kind message for your friend to put together!

Trolley Stop #6

Create a Family Kindness Pledge Banner

Make a kindness pledge banner as a family!

Trolley Stop #7

Create a Bookmark

Decorate a bookmark to share with someone at your local library!

Trolley Stop #8

Plant a Flower for a Teacher

Plant a flower for your teacher to brighten their day!

Trolley Stop #9

Make a Community Map

Build a map of your community!

Trolley Stop #10

Decorate a Picture Frame

Decorate a picture frame for your caregiver so they can show off their favorite picture of you!

Click on the Sunflowers to visit each Trolley Stop!

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