Local Films Explore Alabama's Natural Diversity

Spotlight on Agriculture and The Carnivorous Kingdom explore the rich biodiversity of Alabama from the Tennessee River to the Gulf Coast.


Alabama Public Television continues its celebration of Earth Month this week with two local specials on Alabama’s incredible natural diversity. Spotlight on Agriculture: Biodiversity and The Carnivorous Kingdom, will take viewers on a captivating journey into the unique ecosystems of Alabama on Thursday, April 18 at 8:00pm and 9:00pm.

Spotlight on Agriculture: Biodiversity delves into Alabama’s agriculture landscape. Revealing the intricate web of biodiversity, this program takes viewers from the Tennessee River to the Gulf, highlighting the crucial role of biodiversity in promoting resilience and sustainability in agriculture. Exploring the diverse range of species in Alabama and its impact on our community, Spotlight on Agriculture: Biodiversity explains the relevance of biodiversity and the ecological processes that help sustain the life of plants, animals, and even humans.

In The Carnivorous Kingdom, produced by environmental journalist, Ben Raines, viewers take a deep dive into the fascinating world of Alabama’s carnivorous plants. The film explores the diverse array of carnivorous plant species found across the state, including the Splinter Hill pitcher plant bog, one of the most biologically diverse locations on Earth. From the iconic pitcher plants of the Mobile – Tensaw Delta to the elusive sundews of the Bankhead National Forest, with its stunning visuals and expert insights, viewers will gain a newfound appreciation for these extraordinary plants and the delicate ecosystems they inhabit.

Spotlight on Agriculture: Biodiversity and The Carnivorous Kingdom are also available to stream anytime on the PBS app. Also available are many episodes of Discovering Alabama. Produced by the Alabama Museum of Natural History at the University of Alabama and hosted by Dr. Doug Phillips, Discovering Alabama has been one of the most popular programs on APT for decades, and just recently celebrated its 100th episode. Each episode delves into a different facet of Alabama’s abundant natural resources, continuing to captivate viewers with its Emmy-winning content.

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