Achieving Optimal Mental Health

Kelly Corrigan's Season 7 guests and episodes focus on achieving mental health and wellness and holding onto it. Watch Wednesday nights at 10 or stream on the PBS App.


The seventh season of TELL ME MORE WITH KELLY CORRIGAN recruits some of the nation’s most forward-thinking scientists and researchers to help answer the question: What does it take to achieve optimal mental health and wellness in our modern world? Four-time New York Times bestselling author Kelly Corrigan embarks on a mission to separate fact from fiction and share a set of practices to help us feel our best. Former director of the National Institutes of Health Dr. Francis Collins, internationally recognized relationship expert Esther Perel, and best-selling author and researcher Angela Duckworth are just a few of the guests that join Kelly this season.

While contradictory advice from so-called experts abound in modern health  discourse, TELL ME MORE has identified experts at the top of their fields who can speak to the nuance about what the research and data show. They are not interested in flashy headlines;  they’re interested in double-blind, peer-reviewed, randomized clinical trials with control groups that state clearly who their funders are. The great news is, our experts agree that there is reason for hope. Each episode aims to empower us as individuals to feel our best and lay the groundwork for a standard of health that future generations will inherit.

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