Great American Eclipse

NOVA explores the spectacular cosmic phenomenon of a total solar eclipse, which will be visible in many parts of the U.S. in April.


Explore the spectacular cosmic phenomenon of a total solar eclipse. In April 2024, the Moon’s shadow is sweeping from Texas to Maine, as the U.S. witnesses its last total solar eclipse until 2044. This extraordinary astronomical event is plunging locations in the path of totality into darkness for more than four minutes – nearly twice as long as the last American eclipse in 2017. In NOVA: The Great American Eclipse, learn how to watch an eclipse safely and follow scientists as they work to unlock secrets of our Sun – from why its atmosphere is hundreds of times hotter than its surface, to what causes solar storms and how we might one day predict them.

Now the bad news: the total eclipse will NOT be visible from here in Alabama. All the more reason to watch this NOVA!

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