Congratulations to Alabama’s Eight 2023 Fund for Teacher Fellows

We are pleased to congratulate eight 2023 Fund For Teachers Fellows from Alabama!

Alabama Public Television is a lead partner for Fund For Teachers, which offers educators opportunities to take their teaching beyond the classroom walls! Fund for Teachers supports educators’ efforts to develop skills, knowledge and confidence that impact student achievement.

2023 Selected Fellows and Project Destinations

Beth Massey
Beth Massey
Lauren Hillis

Lauren Hillis and Beth Massey
Madison City Schools
Destination: Japan
Project Proposal: Experience Japan’s language, culture and historical sites to strengthen relationships with the large percentage of English Language Learners emigrating from this country and raise awareness among these students’ peers who know little about their heritage.

Lynn Lowell
Krista Marcum

Lynn Lowell and Krista Marcum
Gulf Shores City Schools
Destination: Galapagos Islands
Project Proposal: Join an Ecology Project International experience in Ecuador to participate in research/conservation projects while honing science and engineering practices to inspire students’ own exploration of the natural world using the 5E Instructional Model.

Kristi Plemons
Whitney Pruitt

Kristi Plemons and Whitney Pruitt
Pelham City Schools
Destination: Great Britain
Project Proposal: Research in Scotland and the United Kingdom historical sites and archives related to Welsh and Scottish coal miners who immigrated to the school’s region in the 1800s to document the local influence of the Populist Movement and create learning around the changing role of industry in

Rhea Grate

Rhea Grate
St. James School Montgomery
Destination: Spain
Project Proposal: Attend the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese conference at the University of Salamanca to build on students’ strength in writing and reading and improve their proficiency in speaking and listening.

Elyse Jordan
Jefferson County Schools
Destination: London, Paris and Milan
Project Proposal: Research the fashion industry in London, Paris, and Milan to learn ways of implementing analog and problem solving skills and collaboration while executing an ecologically and financially sustainable fashion lesson and making real world career connections.