Loss of Video, Frozen Image, Pixelation?

Are you seeing “No Signal Available” on your signal strength indicator, noticing break ups in your audio/video, viewing a frozen image, or is your video pixelating (breaking up in small square elements)?  Chances are APT is not off the air or experiencing difficulty transmitting the signal.  You are probably experiencing difficulty receiving the signal at your location.

The digital broadcast signal is not as easily received as analog. It is more susceptible to atmospheric and other conditions related to your specific geographical location, including your distance from the transmitter.  A digitally transmitted signal does not reach as far as analog and requires more effort to receive and maintain.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently updated their recommendation for viewers with DTV reception problems and suggests the following for viewers receiving the signal with an antenna:

1. Disconnect your antenna from the converter box or digital TV

2. Rescan the converter box or digital TV without the antenna connected

3. Unplug the converter box or digital TV from the electrical outlet for at least one minute

4. Reconnect the antenna to the converter box or digital TV and plug the unit back into the electrical outlet

5. Rescan the converter box or digital TV a second time to ensure that a “double scan” takes place


The FCC also noted that viewers might want to try different antenna locations in their homes including near a window, as high in a room as possible, away from other electronic equipment, pointing in a different direction, or to use a rooftop antenna in order to potentially provide better reception.  It is important to note that after moving the antenna, viewers might need to run the scan function again on their converter boxes or digital TV sets.

If you are still unable to receive APT after double rescanning and checking your antenna, or if you are a cable or satellite subscriber, please email us by clicking here.

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