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Donate NowAlabama Public Television's mission is to inspire, educate, entertain, and inform. We hope you like the ways in which we meet this mission. Incredible programs like Nova, American Experience, the intriguing British dramas, our very special children's programming and APT's own series like Capitol Journal and Journey Proud are presented for viewers like you who demand quality television.

But programs like these don't just happen. It takes grants from governmental sources and support from a cadre of individuals, corporations and foundations to make the dream of educational television happen. Contributions from these sources make up more than 30% of our operating budget.

It costs about $240 an hour to provide the stimulating, educational programs you expect to find every time you turn to Alabama Public Television. Would you contribute enough to pay for one hour of APT? A half hour ($120 membership)? A quarter hour ($75 membership)? Your support at any level is valuable to us.

We invite you to join us online and support the important mission we all believe in!

Thank you.