APT Documents Whooping Crane Flyover for On-line & Classroom Use
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Posted Mar 27, 2009

APT Documents Whooping Crane Flyover for On-line & Classroom Use

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APT Documents Whooping Crane Migration Over Alabama BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — March 27, 2009 –Alabama Public Television highlights the flight of 14 endangered whooping cranes on their first trip south on “Flying Over Alabama: The Whooping Crane Story,” to be aired this Sunday night, March 29, at 7:30 p.m. on APT IQ (APT digital channel 4). The half-hour program documents the journey of cranes flying over and making stopovers in the state of Alabama for the first time ever as ultralight airplane “parents” – flown by members of the non-profit organization Operation Migration – teach them the way. In addition to describing how the project to save these magnificent creatures from extinction began and its educational aspect, the story also details the hard work of the Operation Migration team who accompanies the cranes on their journey and the history of the whooping crane. APT will also post additional resources on its online educational resource, APTPLUS™. These include video clips of the flights, a classroom presentation made by an Operation Migration pilot and ground supervisor and teacher-led classroom activities tracking the cranes’ migration from point of origin to final destination. These activities will be invaluable tools for students to track next year’s flight of migratory birds. “Because of the educational aspect of our work, APT was privileged to be given the opportunity to document the cranes’ flight and share the story with classrooms and the people of Alabama,” notes Nancy Hill, vice president of Educational Services at APT. “In working with Alabama Public Television, our hope was to interest school children not just in whooping cranes, but in wildlife conservation,” said Liz Condie, COO and Director of Communications for Operation Migration. “Why? Because we think young people are our most important audience. Theirs is the generation in which lies the hope for all of earth’s creatures – including humankind.” The program is also scheduled to run on APT’s main channel (APT digital channel 1) on May 17 as a special “Alabama Stories” episode. For information about the program, visit www.aptplus.org. About Operation Migration Operation Migration, established in 1994, is a non-profit charitable organization that uses ultralight aircraft to reintroduce endangered whooping cranes to eastern North America. Its mission is to advance the conservation of migratory species and their habitats through innovate research, education and partnership. For more information, visit www.operationmigration.org. About Alabama Public Television Since its founding in 1955 as America’s first statewide educational television network, Alabama Public Television has focused its efforts on education. Funded by viewers and the State of Alabama, the nine-station network presents local and PBS-produced programming, community outreach activities and online services for individuals and educators. APT serves as a seven-day-a-week educational resource for every Alabamian. Associated photo cutline: Operation Migration ultralight pilot Brooke Pennypacker leads seven whooping cranes on their first migration south. APT Contact: Kathie B. Martin, APR Alabama Public Television Marketing/Corporate Support Manager 205-572-0875 (cell) 800-239-5233, ext. 188 Operation Migration Contact: Liz Condie COO & Director of Communications Operation Migration 905-982-1096 (o); 608-542-0829 (c)

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Operation Migration ultralight pilot Brooke Pennypacker leads seven whooping cranes on their first migration south.

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