Legacy Moments Celebrate Alabama's Bicentennial
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Posted Apr 28, 2017

Legacy Moments Celebrate Alabama's Bicentennial

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Alabama marks its 200th birthday as a territory and as a state between 2017 and 2019. In conjunction with this three-year celebration, Alabama Public Television is telling the story of the people, places and stories that have defined the state with “Alabama Legacy Moments,” a series of 200 radio and television spots that will be seen on APT and other television and radio stations across the state during the next three years.

Many people are probably familiar with boxing great Joe Louis, celebrated author Harper Lee and jazz star Sun Ra. Fewer may remember the Delmore Brothers of country music fame, renowned African American bridge builder Horace King, or the “Fabulous Flock Family” stock car racers. Alabama Legacy Moments will tell all their stories and many more.

Other Alabama Legacy Moments center on important places: the territorial capital in St. Stephens, Fort Toulouse, Sloss Furnaces, Cathedral Caverns, and Moundville. Yet others explore events such as Wilson’s Raid during the Civil War and the Freedom Rides of the Civil Rights Movement.

Alabama Legacy Moments are sponsored by the Alabama Bicentennial Commission and the Alabama Broadcasters Association and feature  original music created by well-known Alabama musician Bobby Horton (Three on a String), who has worked with filmmaker Ken Burns on more than a dozen documentaries for public television.

You can learn more about Alabama Legacy Moments and see all the videos that have been produced so far at www.alabamalegacy.org. More details for each subject can be found by following links on the Alabama Legacy Moments website to the Encylcopedia of Alabama. 

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