Doctor Bills

Have you been seeing the doctor? The bill is due!

APT is excited to bring you a brand new season of DOC MARTIN! Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) is taking patients again in the sleepy, seaside village of Portwenn, and patients will just have to have patience with his... uncommon... bedside manner. You might not want Dr. Ellingham treating you, but it sure is fun to pay him a visit every Saturday night.

That brings us to the point, actually. It's time to PAY for your doctor visits! The BBC doesn't just give this program away. APT has to pay for every episode and that money comes from viewers. With TV doctors, you get to choose the amount you pay, and you can choose either a one-time payment or become a sustaining contributor with an ongoing monthly gift - sort of like very reasonable medical insurance.

GIVE NOW to ensure that the doctor is available for everyone for years to come!