Calling Tokyo


Calling Tokyo

Calling Tokyo tells the unheralded story about Sam Masami Ono and a group of Japanese American civilians, who served America during World War II. Though the unequaled battle records of Japanese American soldiers are now legendary, little is known about the vital role played by these US citizens assisting in the war efforts of Britain and the United States. While the government incarcerated 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry during the war, they also recruited a group of Japanese Americans to be part of the Office of War Information (OWI) and the British Political Warfare Mission (BPWM). The OWI and BPWM produced regular short-wave radio broadcasts in Japanese in hopes of convincing Japanese political and military leadership to surrender. The work was considered top secret and some broadcasters never told their families what they were doing. Through actual recordings and first-person interviews with the participants of those broadcasts, Calling Tokyo is a fascinating story about a unique effort to help hasten the end of World War II.

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