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Still On the Road


Still On the Road

In Sara Wolkowitz's documentary, Still On The Road, twelve actors bring classical theater to America in The Acting Company’s 37th season. A classical touring ensemble founded by John Houseman and Margot Harley, The Acting Company originated with select individuals from the first graduating class of Julliard’s drama division. Kevin Kline recalls Houseman declaring, “We couldn’t just let them go out and do garbage.” The actors spend seven months on a cramped bus, lose one of their leading men, play 71 roles, and learn to work in spaces that won’t hold their set, all while reconnecting with their passion for performing, receiving praise from the New York Times, and teaching students a new way to look at Shakespeare. Through conversations with Acting Company alums Kevin Kline, Rainn Wilson and Harriet Harris we come to learn that, with the exception of Xbox and Wi-Fi on the bus, not much has changed – and that is just as it should be.

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