The Washingtons of Sulgrave Manor


The Washingtons of Sulgrave Manor

THE WASHINGTONS OF SULGRAVE MANOR breaks new ground in telling the story of how our country was formed. George Washington was the third generation of his family born in America. Most of us don't think of the Founding Fathers as immigrants, but surprisingly the Washingtons' story has much in common with those of other immigrants to America over the last 300 years. The Washingtons were emblematic of their time. As English trade mushroomed, George Washington's ancestor, Lawrence, became rich. But in the English Civil War, the Washingtons were swept to near ruin. In 1656, George Washington's great-grandfather John entered the sea trade with the Virginia Colony and ... the rest is history. The Washingtons epitomized the people who came, and continue to come, to America.

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