Lost Child: Sayon's Journey


LOST CHILD: SAYON'S JOURNEY explores the Cambodian genocide (1975-1979) and its lasting impact through the eyes of a former Khmer Rouge child soldier. Narrating in his own voice, Sayon Soeun confronts his haunting childhood experiences during Cambodia's darkest hour - the genocide claimed an estimated 1.7 million people - revealing for the first time the horrors he witnessed and his struggles as he came of age. The Khmer Rouge abducted Sayon at the age of six, robbing him of both family life and an education, and forced him to carry out the brutal dictates of the Pol Pot-led Maoist regime. After four years, Sayon and hundreds of thousands of citizens and fellow soldiers fled west to Thailand, ending up in makeshift refugee camps along the border. From there, he transitioned to an orphanage, where he was adopted by a loving American family from Connecticut. This moving and powerful film, winner of a Cine Golden Eagle Award, follows Sayon's first journey back to his home country in 35 years to find the family he thought he lost forever and to forgive himself for his complicity as a Khmer Rouge soldier. The film builds to a suspenseful conclusion as Sayon receives the results of DNA tests that will confirm or refute his relationship to the people he meets in Cambodia.

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