Scotland: Yes or No? - The United Kingdom might soon be history. Latest surveys indicate growing approval for Scottish independence. Many people in Britain view that with concern. Shortly before the referendum, the Scottish National Party is flexing its muscles for a possible victory pose. Its leader Alex Salmond promises to free Scotland from the English Tory yoke. His calculations seem to be paying off. Many Scots feel they're being fleeced by London and no longer want to share the profits from their North Sea oil reserves with the rest of the UK. Sweden: Far Right Hopes for Power - The right-wing populist, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats want to increase their power in parliament. The party got ten percent of the votes in the European elections. Its vigor is shocking Swedes. Liberals see the Sweden Democrats, with their neo-Nazi roots, as a real danger, and are organizing counter-demonstrations. The Sweden Democrats first made it into the parliament in Stockholm in 2010. Now the r

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