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Norway: Deadly Danger - More often than not, people associate tsunamis with Japan. But people living around Geirangerfjord in Norway are well aware of their own vulnerability to a huge tidal wave. Mount Åkernes threatens to crash into the fjord, with incalculable consequences. Geologists are measuring and monitoring the steep mountain's movements, and are sure the tsunami that would result from a major landslide would inundate the surrounding villages. Scientists say an 80-meter tidal wave following a collapse would sweep everything into the narrow arm of the sea. 4,000 villagers are at risk. Some have already moved to higher elevations. Others continue to live down near the water, despite the threat of a natural disaster. The area has already experienced two such disasters. In 1905 and 1934, dozens of people lost their lives. Romania: Fearless Shepherds - Their lives are poor, archaic and not without danger. Shepherds in Romania have to be on constant alert for wolves and brown bears

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