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Classic in the Jurassic - Air, Water and Land/Desert Day and Night

It's time for the 'Classic in the Jurassic' - the Mesozoic Olympics! Today's 'Air, Water and Land' contest is a three-part competition pitting teams consisting of a pterosaur and a crocodile from each Time Period against one another. Mrs. Pteranodon, Tiny and Shiny are recruited to help in one of the three 'legs' of the race, while Buddy, Don and Dad watch from the stands. The competition's three 'legs' are flying, swimming and a lap around a track. Early on, Team Cretaceous pulls ahead and hold onto its lead, until the wild card of the race is revealed: Team Triassic's croc, Effie Effegia, who shocks the crowd when she runs, and then sprints, on two legs! Effie wins the race, and her bi-pedal ability prompts many questions - and a healthy discussion -- about her features. Tiny is disappointed her team lost, but cheers up when reminded that she was part of `'Classic in the Jurassic' history. While playing 'Cold and Hot,' a game they made up, the Pteranodon kids learn from Mr. Pteranodo

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