Series Launch: Secret Heroes - Part 1: Hungary: A Loophole to Freedom - The beginning of the end of the Soviet Bloc came 25 years ago in Hungary. One million East Germans had arrived there and put pressure on the already crumbling Iron Curtain. In the summer of 1989, the first group of East German citizens managed to flee en masse to the West - with the knowledge of the Hungarian government. Even though the borders were still patrolled, hundreds of them passed through to the Austrian side. Hungarian Arpad Bella was a commander at a small border crossing that was reopened after decades of being closed. Bella was completely on his own, since his superiors had failed to inform him. And he reacted with a great deal of sound judgment and humaneness. No shots were fired, and the East Germans entered the West unharmed. Britain: Operation 'Trojan Horse' - For months, debate has raged in Birmingham over the role of Islam in the city's schools. An anonymous warning about Muslim fundamentalists h

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