Ukraine: Lviv's Mayor - For many in Ukraine he's much like a pop star. Andriy Sadovyi has been mayor of the city of Lviv since March 2006 and has a burning desire to see his country reunited. Under the 46-year-old's leadership, the city of Lviv has become a role model for all of Ukraine. The electrical engineer has built up the infrastructure and lured investors to the city. He says the key to his country's future is to give municipalities more authority. Sadovyi feels the government in Kiev should relinquish central powers in cases where local authorities can deal with issues better. Norway: Debate over a Memorial - Three years after the massacre by right-wing extremist Anders Breivik, Norway is searching for the proper way to commemorate the 77 victims. But survivors and families of victims can't agree. When Breivik created a bloodbath on the island of Utoya, it sent shockwaves across the entire nation. Now an artist wants to memorialize the tragedy by cutting a channel though a neig

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