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Behavioral Ethics - Researchers in economics and psychology are studying why some people in business behave dishonestly. Lucky Severson says some employees in big corporations say they think it's all right to behave unethically because 'everyone else is doing it,' or that they will be punished if they report wrongdoing. But researchers say in the long run companies will pay for unethical behavior. Wild Goose Festival - This is the weekend of the annual Wild Goose Festival in rural North Carolina, where thousands of mostly liberal Christians gather for story-telling, performances and worship. As Kim Lawton reports, the emphasis is on everyday practices of love, simplicity and sacrifice, not just doctrine. The Hobby Lobby Case - Tim O'Brien examines the arguments the Supreme Court has considered over whether, under the Affordable Care Act, the government should be able to require employers to provide certain kinds of contraception coverage for their employees, even if the employers objec

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