Albania: The New Women's Movement - Time seems to have stood still in the mountain villages of northern Albania. Alongside the state law, the Kanun, a set of laws and norms dating back to the Middle Ages, is still in force here. The back-breaking work in the fields is considered women's work in Albania. That was also true under Communism. In the Catholic stronghold of the north, the Kanun also survived the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha. Under the Kanun, the wife is considered the husband's property. He is permitted to beat and even to kill her if she is disobedient or unfaithful. Fabiola Egro is trying to change that. She's a pivotal figure in the Albanian women's movement. Turkey: A Mayor from Germany - In southeastern Turkey, women in politics are not yet commonplace. The majority-Kurdish society is traditionally dominated by men. Despite that, 27-year-old Leyla Imret was elected as mayor of Cizre, a city with about 110,00 residents. And she's not just unusual because she's a woman - L

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