A Difficult Vote in Ukraine - On May 25, Ukraine elect a new president. With eastern Ukraine on the brink of civil war, it's a difficult time to hold an election. Until recently, the eastern city of Kharkiv was taking a back seat to the crisis-torn region of Donetsk. But Kharkiv has moved into the spotlight since it hosted the second in a series of round table talks. Our reporter paid a visit to the city to find out how residents view the upcoming presidential election. How is Petro Poroshenko - the billionaire industrialist who stands a good chance of winning - faring there? How is the election commission preparing for the vote and what's the mood on the street? Our reporter also pays a visit to the embattled eastern city of Sloviansk, where the ballot may be derailed entirely. European Elections: Opponents and Allies - Politically, the two main candidates for the president of the European Commission have a lot in common. But are there any differences? The two top candidates for the p

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