Global warming may cause humans and other species to change or disappear but Planet Earth will survive, scientist and environmental activist David Suzuki tells Bill Moyers in the second of their two conversations this week on Moyers & Company (check local listings). We live in a time, Suzuki says, "when human beings have become a geological force. We're altering the physical, chemical and biological features of the planet on a geological scale. "... A lot of my colleagues have now said it's too late... [that] we've passed too many tipping points to go back. My answer is thank you for the message of urgency. We don't know enough to say it's too late... I believe that nature has many more surprises if we can pull back and give her room. And that's the basis of my hope.... I see where all the curves are going, but I still cling to hope as the thing we've got to grab onto if we give nature a chance." Continuing attempts on the part of politicians and big business to censor and attack those

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