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30 Days to A Younger Heart with Steven Masley, MD


Did you know that it's possible to make your heart 10 years younger? Regardless of your body composition, genetics, or can turn back time! And when you do, you will feel healthier, trimmer, fitter, sexier, mentally sharper and better than you have in a decade. Does it sound too good to be true? It isn't. Steven Masley, MD and his three simple steps have helped thousands reverse the onset of aging and disease. He is a board-certified physician, nutritionist, longevity researcher and award-winning educator who is also a highly acclaimed chef, trained at the Four Seasons. In 30 Days to a Younger Heart, Dr. Masley shares the surprising news that Metabolic Syndrome, also known as pre-diabetes and not high cholesterol, is the number one cause of cardiovascular disease. Since the term metabolic syndrome is new to most, the doctor describes how easy it is to determine your risk, and why so many Americans have it.

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