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This is the orientation program for GED Connection, it takes a look at the series and how you can use it to help prepare for the GED test. T he GED test has five parts to it: math, social studies, science, readi ng, and writing. There are GED Connection programs that correspond to each part of the test, although some parts (like math) have more progr ams. The reading programs have one program that correlates with each t ype of reading material that may be encountered on the GED test, which is fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama. The writing programs show how to approach writing as a process in order to organize your though ts better. The math programs cover topics like geometry, measurement, data analysis, formulas, algebra, and statistics. The science programs cover life science, earth science, and space science. Lastly, the soc ial studies programs cover topics like maps, world history, and civics and government.

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