Geography explores the connection and impact that people have on place s, and places have on people. In this program, Pearce Bunting and vari ous guests explore the diverse topics that make up geography. Physical geography, the study of what the earth looks like and the impact of t he environment on the way people live, is the first type of geography that is explored. Next the program discusses cultural geography, a stu dy of people and where they live, what they eat, what they wear, and h ow they go about their daily lives. This episode discusses the impact of technology on geography, including such things as irrigation and ai r conditioning and then discusses environmental reprecussions. The rem ainder of the program is spent discussing maps since there will be que stions on the GED test about them. It's important to become familiar w ith how to read a map and the different types of maps. Major terms tha t are discussed during the map portion of this program are: longitude and latitu

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